Does it really matter? | Placenta Services |

Does it matter if your Placenta Specialist has a lot of experience? Does it matter if she's Certified? Does it matter if your OB and your L&D nurses know her by name?  Or is all that matters is that she's running a sale...

It matters.

You know what else matters? 

who you allow the privilege of being invited into your birthing space.

the personal and professional experience of your placenta specialist.

the thoroughness and quality of your placenta specialist's training.

the time, effort, standards, evaluation and feedback your placenta specialist went through to obtain certification.

the continuing education your placenta specialist has done to deepen her knowledge and understanding of the placenta, it's form and function, variations, contraindications, uses, and traditions. 

the stringency of sanitation, precautions, and adherence to OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standards she upholds. 

the reputation your placenta specialist has in the local birth community. 

Mind Body Mama's Certified Placenta & Postpartum Health Specialist has been faithfully serving Tulsa Metro (and beyond) families for over 3 years and has processed over 245 placentas and additionally has the personal experience of ingesting her own placenta. 

Placenta encapsulation isn't just a service. It's a relationship between a new mother and a professional who has been there herself and can add quality and satisfaction to your fresh Mothering experience. 

"I used Mind Body Mama for my placenta encapsulation and I was so impressed. Amy took the time to educate me (and everyone around me, including the kiddos). She was flexible and understanding. I would definitely recommend Mind Body Mama."
- Kimberly Q.

Mind Body Mama's Certified Placenta & Postpartum Health Specialist is also a Certified Birth Doula (DONA) and a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). She knows birth. She respects the vulnerability and rawness of your postpartum season. She is compassionate and deeply cares about your success as a new (for the 1st or the 6th time!) Mama. 
Trouble with latch. She will help you. Questions? She has answers and resources. Overwhelmed? She offers a kind, warm and reassuring presence.

So, yeah. It matters because YOU matter.