Breastfeeding Memoirs | Amy: Part 3 | The End

She changed me. Breastfeeding changed me. And it didn’t stop at 1319 days.

How to save your sanity AND your milk supply over the holidays

Cooking, getting kids (and partners) dressed and ready, travel, visiting family and keeping a positive attitude through it all is a feat for ANY mom. Add breastfeeding a baby into the mix and you'll have a whole new level of challenges. Or, will you? Is i

Breastfeeding Memoirs | Amy: Part 2 |

My newly trained eyes would immediately focus in on pursed and tucked lips, dimpled cheeks and shallow latches. I had to fight the feelings of shame for not knowing my baby wasn't transferring milk.

Breastfeeding Memoirs | Amy: Part 1 |

I, like most new mothers, couldn’t wait to breastfeed my baby. As if the process of growing and sustaining a life inside of me wasn’t enough, I could even keep it alive with my body?!