Amber Smith

Birth Doula

About Me

Amber is currently not taking Birth Doula Clients. She will resume doula'ing in 2018!

Hello, and welcome to my page. First of all, I want to say thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me. Your consideration in allowing me to join you on this amazing journey, is truly humbling.

I am a 28 years old, single mother, of a 6 year old, birthed via emergency cesarean. I have lived in Tulsa, most of my life. My family is also from Colorado, and Texas.

In September of 2014 I met with the founder of Better Birth Now, Brooke White, and began to make plans to embark on my Doula journey. By December of that year, I was attending my doula training, and on my way to becoming certified.

I am grateful for each and every opportunity that I am given to grow as a Birth Doula, and to be able to share that strength and confidence with families. I am evolving into a doula who can assist and advocate a wide variety of births and birth plans, and assist in advocating any and all birth mamas, and families. I am in the process of becoming DONA certified, and plan to be by spring of 2017.

I hope you have learned a little about me, and my experience, and I look forward to our first communion.

My Why

When I was pregnant with my son, I knew so little about childbirth, my options, and nothing about having a doula. Pairing that with a small birthing community, I went into my sons birth, very unprepared.

At 38 weeks, my Dr. suggested an induction, and being so young and uneducated, I just wanted to have my baby.

I was induced, started with a low dose of pitocin, and an ambien to sleep. The next morning, I was given a higher dose of pit and very soon followed my epidural, then emergency c-section. This was not my plan at all!

This birth experience has since lit a fire in me to do something, and to be involved in changing the birth community of my city! I want women to feel supported, educated, and encouraged during the birth of their child(ren). I wish for every woman, to have a choice, a voice and an advocate at their birth(s).

What Makes Me Unique

I am a very spiritual being, and I believe in energy and the spoken word. One thing that is very unique about me... My first birth, as a Doula, was a hypnobirth.

This forever changed my perspective on child birth and what we call "Labor".

I learned to see these words as energies, and pressure waves.. instead of "contractions" and "pain". Ultimately changing the way your brain perceives, and your body responds to these words. Therefore transitioning my mind to this, and allowing the process to unfold naturally, without fear, has created a unique respect and awareness of the intensity of child birth and what the mother needs at certain times.


In the year 2015 I attended 2 beautiful births, both VBAC clients.

As 2016 began to near, I had the motivation and desire to triple my births that year and continue to grow as a doula. I wanted to expand my knowledge and grow my resources and contacts.

Last year, 2016, I attended 8 beautiful births, ranging from firstborn, water births, to 3rd time mamas. My experiences now includes 4 VBACs, 2 repeat cesarean, 2 first time mamas, with successful vaginal births and an at home, natural water birth.
This year, 2017, I also have the pleasure of assisting two previous clients as they bring their 2nd and 4th child into the world. I am drawn to women who need support and the confidence to KNOW they CAN have the birth experience they want. Empowering and encouraging new mamas is a dream and passion of mine.


I do believe my confidence comes from a very steady and true place in my being.

The spiritual side of me believes in birth, and its empowerment to all women.

The innate ability to become one with your body to birth your beautiful Love creation, is one part of this amazing human experience I will always be in awe of.

I have seen those with little to no confidence, as well as, those who KNEW they could do it, be successful in their birth, and THEIR birth experience. It ever grows my confidence, and I thoroughly enjoy watching the confidence grow in these mothers.

What Working With Me Looks Like

"Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life.”
-Ina May Gaskin

Once I am informed of a new mama, I will be in touch with you within 24 hours. I can text, call or email, whatever suits you. I will get the initial consultation setup as quickly as possible. When we meet, I will come with questions for you, and I welcome any questions you, or your partner, may have for me. This is our chance to connect and find the deeper level of what your goals and desires are for this birth. We will meet again, at your home, meet with your partner and Dr/Midwife so that I can have a connection with the team that will be present during your birth.
Labor & Birth
I offer phone support (text, call, email) 24/7, 2 weeks before or after your EDD, if baby has not arrived. I do this so that I can continue to grow with you during this experience.

I love hearing the excitement change and grow in a mother as the day comes near. This connection gives me a chance to know the right time to BE with YOU and when my presence is needed.

I will arrive with my doula bag of goodies, and any special requests made by you or your partner. I will be by your side the entire time. You can expect a calm, yet confident spirit from me. I will be prepared mentally and physically to serve you, in any way.

As doulas we have no need for restroom breaks, food, or naps... I'm only slightly kidding. Your partner will need time to rest, step out to notify friends and family, check on siblings at home, or just breathe. I am there, in those moments, to fill the space, for you, so you can stay focused.
After your baby arrives I will make sure that you and your partner get the necessary time to bond with your new baby. I will stay close by, and can return, upon request, to the room, or I usually check back in after 15-30 min. But that is up to you. I will make sure that you and baby are getting the care you deserve and will continue to advocate for you so you can focus on your FaceTime with your baby and partner.

I will stay until your baby latches and you are ready for rest or just some alone time. Usually up to 2 hours after birth.

I will also plan a visit with you and your family, the days following the birth. Just to check in, see you and your precious babe again, and to talk about your birth, if you wish to share your experience.
Birth Doula Fee-$675
* I will negotiate fees for clients experiencing verified hardship.


I had decided to hire a doula to help ease any anxiety and fears as a first-time mom. I knew I wanted to deliver in a hospital, and had attended my best friend’s birth, but was nervous for myself to go through delivery. We took all the classes and learned a lot, but it’s hard to prepare for something you’ve never done before, and I wanted someone there I could trust, that would encourage me, and be there by mine and my hubby’s side as we went through this. ;) From the time we met Amber until the day my son was born, she was amazing at reassuring and encouraging, informing us about things we could ask for at the hospital, and was always 100% supportive of any decisions/wishes I had for delivery. During labor, she suggested and helped with different techniques to cope with contractions, asked for things for me, worked well with the nurses and doctor, and pretty much just becomes your best friend during this time! She has an amazing ability to connect with you like you’ve known each other for years. During pushing, she was encouraging and cheering me on, right there next to my hubby! :) Once my son was born, there were some complications and looking back this is the reason I’m most grateful I had Amber there with me. They whisked Connor away to the NICU with my husband and I became worried since I wasn’t sure what was going on. Amber was right there with me, holding my hand, telling me enough to reassure me without making me panicky. I had some bleeding they couldn’t get stopped, which caused the nurses and doctor to get hurried and hushed, but Amber was still there with me while my husband was in the NICU. I can’t imagine having gone through that without her and I’m so thankful she was there. If you’re on the fence about a doula, just meet with Amber, and you’ll get an instant feel for her doula style; She’s very passionate and genuine about what she does and it comes through from the first time you meet her. Thank you Amber for everything you did; you truly went above and beyond any expectations I had for a doula! :)

April E.

"Oh, good. She's here, now I can do it." Those are the first words I said when I saw that Amber had arrived at my home for the birth of my daughter. From what my sister in law and husband tell me my attitude changed when she got there. She had this way of making me believe in myself. When I doubted myself during the birth she would have another quote to tell me why I could. Or she would bring up something that we had talked about when I wasn't in labor to remind me why I choosing this way to give birth. And that is how Amber was throughout my whole pregnancy. I would call/text with doubts or questions or just needing advice and she was so patient and understanding and encouraging. She would just listen and tell me again that I could do anything I set my mind to. There were a few times I would text her just so I could hear her tell me that. She has this endless positivity and belief in women and in the birth that each individual woman wants, which is exactly a pregnant woman needs. She was very deliberate about finding out what I wanted. But more importantly, she was very deliberate in finding out why I wanted those things. Her being so deliberate about knowing those two things is what helped me know that she really believed in me and the things I wanted and that I could accomplish those goals. She is the first and only doula I interviewed and I knew from that meeting that she would be what I needed for my birth. I hired her pretty early on and my husband wasn't too interested or invested in the idea of a doula. He wanted me to have the birth I wanted and if that included a doula then so be it. However, when she was getting ready to leave my husband's last words to her were, "we need to have another baby so you can be our doula." I include this because I know husbands can sometimes be hesitant about hiring a doula. But, my husband will be the first to tell you how beneficial they are. They're not there to replace the husband, just to help the laboring mom. And Amber was amazing at helping me. 10 out of 10 will hire again.

Regina J.

Amber was the perfect choice for our doula for so many reasons! I had a an unmedicated hospital VBAC, and she was such a source of strength for me! She was a well of knowledge on so many things regarding prenatal care, the whole process of birth, and postpartum. She was in the hospital for over 12 hours with us. She always remained calm, and such an ease about her that was contagious. She was my voice of reason when I was going through transition saying "I can't do this! I can't!", she was telling me I could and I was. She kept a detailed timeline for me throughout labor and delivery so I could refer to it when writing my birth story. I thought that was especially awesome. You think you will remember everything, but it's all a blur afterwards, drugs or not! She had such a sweet disposition, and truly cared about the birth of my baby and helping me get him out. I also asked her to get pictures and videos of delivery and right after birth. She was able to do that AND support me the whole time. My husband and I both agreed that we couldn't have imagined doing it without her help! I was having some trouble breastfeeding afterwards and needed some immediate help (it was a Friday evening and no one was available until the following Monday) so I contacted Amber and she got me in touch with an amazing Lactation Consultant who helped me the following morning. I was so thankful for that. I have to be honest, and say that I didn't think we could afford a doula. Let me tell you, it is a MUST! No matter what kind of birth you are having. In my opinion, doulas don't get paid enough for all they do and the availability they have for their clients. I hope to be able to work with her again for our future pregnancies and births.

Lacey G.

We chose Amber to be our Doula for our 2nd VBAC because after our first meeting with her it was very apparent that she supported all types of birthing, but most importantly for us, Hypnosis for childbirth. Amber took time out of her personal life to learn all about Hypnobabies and what I would need before our birthing time arrived to better support me, which is truly individualized care! During my birth time Amber was very supportive and ensured my birth plan was followed as much as possible, she worked well with my OB and nursing staff, she ensured my room stayed peaceful and that I stayed in hypnosis. Amber also educated and empowered my husband on how to help me during intense pressure waves, she was not afraid to hop right up on the bed with me and “get her hands dirty” supporting me. Amber provided care that was not only professional, but very personal and caring. Amber has also followed up with me via phone and an in-person visit in the days after our sons’ birth to ensure everything is going smoothly. I would highly recommend Amber to anyone who wants a Doula with a big heart, gentle yet fierce spirit, open mind and a belief that our bodies are beautiful amazing things! My birth experience with Amber was beautiful and gentle; I will be using her in the future if we have more babies!

Jen D.