Amy Walton

Owner / Founder, Certified Birth Doula, Certified Placenta Encapsulator, Certified Lactation Counselor, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth & Lactation Educator


In efforts to live a more wholehearted life, one where I am kinder to myself and others, I have been awkwardly practicing being authentic and intentionally vulnerable for years. Brene Brown writes in her book, Daring Greatly, “Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” The trouble with self-acceptance, for me, was learning how to live a life that wasn't driven by a quest to "fix" myself.
The climb to a place of unshakable self-worth happened (and is happening) throughout my pregnancy, labor, birth and taking ownership in my role as a Mama.
After 3 years of negative pregnancy tests, I was feeling very disconnected from my body. It didn’t work. I couldn’t trust it and I was constantly fighting against it.
I found myself in an Endocrinologist's office in Chicago with a diagnosis of PCOS. 2 months later I was pregnant.
I was amazed at the process of pregnancy and birth but was still fighting old ways of thinking. Could my body really do this?! I knew I needed support. I surrounded myself with other Mamas who fully engaged with their birth experiences. I created a birthing preparation practice unique to my birthing needs that included components of The Bradley Method & HypnoBabies. The more effort and intention I put into preparing my mind and body for an unmedicated birth experience, the more I started to believe that I COULD do this. And I did.
My journey, though unique and special to me, isn’t all that uncommon. It was a journey of learning to trust my body and myself and it was also a turning point for both my self-confidence and my career. I have been in the social work field since 2004 helping women and teens discover their autonomy while embarking on their individual paths towards radical self-acceptance. Through my own empowering birth experience I was able to see a new purpose for myself—one of supporting women through their unique journeys into and throughout Motherhood/Parenthood.
Other "About Me" details include: I've had a front-row seat to watching the amazing little human who changed my life and calls me Mama transform from baby to toddler to big kid for almost 8 years. She is the joy of my life! I have a BA from the University of Tulsa and am beginning Graduate School at OU in the fall for Clinical Mental Health Counseling to better serve families struggling with the transition of Parenthood.

My Why

The physical, emotional and spiritual transformations a woman makes as she moves into and through pregnancy, labor and birth; and settles into her new role as a Mama, is communal. Details vary, of course, but we all hit the same highlights in varying degrees. Yet, this revision of a woman's physical and mental core is only given "bumper sticker" attention.
You will hear one-liners throughout your journey that on the surface sound empowering but when given full attention are mostly speaking to our daily not-enough mindset.
In a culture that profits from making us feel imperfect, we are told to step into this experience trusting that our bodies are perfectly made to grow, birth and nourish our babies. Yet, we are given minimal information about the variations of normal that accompany this awesome process. Instead, we are told what can go wrong. We see dramatized and romanticized fictions of the process all over the media and our FaceBook feed.

Women need each other.

We are not meant to ‘go it alone’. Throughout history, women surrounded one another with support before, during and after childbirth. A woman emerged as a Mama with having helped care for other family and community members' babies and children. She is stocked with traditions and available sources of wisdom. Now? Most of us don't have a Village, let alone local family to lean on. We have to create our Tribe.

This is my Why. Vulnerability. Connection. Growth.

What Makes Me Unique

It is my daily practice to be uncomfortable.

To show my full self-- One without a mask of happiness if I'm struggling or a facade of having it all together... cause I don't.

Spoiler Alert. No one has it all together.

I love deep thinkers. I don't like to have normal conversations with people. I love learning about what makes them who they are. Their thoughts. Views. Who and what is important to them and how they see the world. If you approach people with genuine curiosity and respect, you will find countless levels of connectedness between you and them. This is my ultimate reward in all my interactions with others. Connection.

This has always been the driving force behind my preparation, training, and certification in multiple specialties of birth work. I am able to support you from the moment you learn of the new life forming inside you thru your first years of protecting and nourishing your child on the outside of your body.


I am a Certified Birth Doula through DONA International, Certified HypnoDoula (HypnoBabies) and a trained Birth Doula-Activist (toLabor) and Postpartum Doula (DONA).

In addition to doula work I am also a Certified Placenta/Postpartum Health Specialist (IPPA), Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and am trained in Perinatal Mood Disorders (PSI).

I am a Childbirth Educator Trained through Passion for Birth (Lamaze).
Other continuing education skills and trainings include: TENS Unit & Rebozo Certifications.


I have supported over 68 women birthing in hospital, home and birth center settings through a wide spectrum of experiences ranging from unmedicated to epidural to VBAC and Cesarean births.
I am constantly researching, reading and learning so that I can offer the best, up to date and evidence-based information. I am genuinely fascinated by the process of physiological birth. In preparing myself as an educator I have gone to great lengths to develop methods of explaining and demonstrating ideas and information so that it speaks to your individual learning style.

I am a Life Coach at heart and have worked with many women, teens, and adults, offering spot-on intuition and perspective to whatever is getting in the way of her ability to reach her goals. My professional experience in Social Work and personal experience at the School of Hard Knocks has equipped me with a truly empathetic ear and ability to offer nonjudgmental support and tireless optimism and encouragement.

What Working With Me Looks Like

I have walked the path myself, and with many others, and am a trusted guide and resource for you along the way. I inform you of what the trail ahead may bring and help you pack your bag in preparation.
We walk side by side and you describe the scenery of your travels. I offer support as you and your partner navigate unexpected terrain and when your footing slips or you lose your way I give you my hand, steady you and get you back on track.
If you get overwhelmed at the peak of the climb, I'm right there to help you dig deep for power and strength you've never tapped into before. I will be there to hold you, support you and cheer you on as you push past your perceived limits to reach your destination.
Once there, my presence remains but instead of walking beside I fall back a few strides-- in and out of sight but always accessible.

I am on-call for you at the moment of hire and am available to you for questions, comments, concerns, and sharing of funny cat videos during the hours of 8am-8pm 7 days a week. Beginning at 36 weeks my availability shifts to 24/7. For urgent needs (and the especially hilarious meme) I can be reached anytime, regardless of gestation.

Our time together can includes casual private childbirth education. You will complete an extensive survey that gives me an idea of what your experience and base knowledge is so that I can customize content that best meets your needs. Based on your background and goals our educational time together may be one session or several hours to ensure that you and your partner step into Parenthood with excitement and confidence.
During our time together I will be facilitating conversation that will draw out your ideas and beliefs about labor, birth, immediate postpartum and Motherhood and what your goals are for your upcoming experiences. This includes assistance in creating a birth plan/preferences as I ensure you are well informed of all of your options & choices.
Your partner and I will also be learning how we can best work together to ensure that your wishes are respected, that you feel safe and that your voice is heard.
We will meet together in person prenatally typically 2-3 (flexible +/-) times and will have regular phone/text/email communications.
I am available to accompany you to care provider appointments as requested.
Labor & Birth
I will join you within an hour and a half of being verbally requested while you are in labor, either at your home or your birthing place.
I will be by your side continuously throughout your entire labor and birth (aside from brief necessary selfcare breaks, a girl has to pee!). My role will be fluid and will steadily meet your needs before they become too much of a distraction to interrupt your rhythm. I will be ensuring that your partner is equipped to be as involved and hands on as desired while maintaining a calm birthing environment.
If needed, I am available to make sure you both understand the options and choices available to you and the risks/benefits that go along with them so that you can make educated decisions about your care.
If requested, I will snap candid pictures of intimate moments of support, intensity, joy and strength throughout your birthing day.
I will be your unwavering source of information, support, calm, confidence and encouragement as you bring your baby into the world.
If choosing to breastfeeding your baby I will help with initial attachment and offer guidance for your first nursing session. Once everyone is settled I will leave the new family unit in an oxytocin afterglow and check back in the following day if I don't hear from you sooner.
My on-call time for you continues being 24/7 for two weeks after birth.
We will make plans to reconnect a day or two after you are settled at home with baby and I will come to your home and reminisce with you about your birth. I'll answer any questions you may have, check in with you on how you are feeling physically and emotionally and help with latch/ feeding before leaving you with a fresh snack and an expertly swaddled baby.
I am available for an additional in-home visit for whatever needs may come up during the first two weeks after birth. I want to ensure that you are healing and able to rest and bond with your baby, that baby is eating well and trouble shoot any breastfeeding hiccups before they become issues and offer any other hands-on support that you may need.

My on-call time for you shifts to 9am-5pm weekdays throughout your 4th trimester.
Birth Doula Support
Private Childbirth Education as needed immersed into Prenatal visits (typically 2-3 sessions) Birth Doula support at your home and/or birthing place
2 Postpartum Doula/CLC support visits (1 at your birthing place and the other at your home)
On-Call Time: Beginning at the time of hire 8am-8pm 7 days a week. At 36 weeks it shifts to 24/7 and continues thru 2 weeks after birth. Shifting once more to weekdays, 9am-5pm, throughout your 4th trimester.
Investment $950 Limited availability

Due to my commitment to excellence and quality in my support, I limit the number of clients I take per month.

Childbirth/Lactation Education, Lactation Counseling & Placenta Services are still available as individual services and do not require Doula services.

Flexible payment plans available. Please contact me to discuss how I can support you.


Amy was wonderful. I knew when I got pregnant that I wanted an unmedicated birth and I wanted a doula. My husband was reluctant at first but after baby was born, he said it was the best decision we ever made. She provided tips and tools during my pregnancy to prepare for labor. When she arrived at the hospital, she immediately got to work, helping me on the birth ball among other things to keep labor progressing. After being awake for two days and laboring for 30 hours, I felt like giving up. Amy reminded me of what I wanted and helped me dig deep to find the strength I didn't know I had to keep going. She not only supported me but also my husband. She even came back to the hospital the next day to help with breastfeeding. We are forever thankful for her and will recommend her to everyone we know.

Ashleigh, W

Thank you, for giving me the education and encouragement I needed to practice the innate art of nursing. It might seem simple for some, but after a failed nursing attempt with my first these moments are all the more cherished. I never knew nursing could be such a beautiful, life giving (to both involved) experience.

Jasmine P.

I highly recommend Amy at Mind Body Mama Tulsa for all placenta services. I decided to encapsulate with my second baby and I'm so glad I did. I can tell a huge difference from my postpartum journey with my first and this one. I have more energy, my milk supply is abundant, my mood is better, and I'm healing really well. Amy is very easy to work with and will answer any questions! She even delivers everything to wherever you are so there's no stress or worries about how you are going to get your placenta pills back. You can just focus on you and your baby still! I would recommend getting a flavored capsule for your placenta pills! I love Mind Body Mama and what all they do for the Tulsa community!

Jena, A.

Amy was an amazing doula! She assisted me in having such a wonderful, hospital-based birth. She supported my wishes and decisions 100%. She also helped me tremendously when I was struggling with breastfeeding, and she is the reason I didn't give up. Thanks to Amy's help and support, my baby is still exclusively breastfed at almost 3 months old, which is something I never imagined I would be able to do following bilateral breast surgery. In addition, Amy helped me postpartum with cloth diapering, baby wearing, and housekeeping. I am constantly recommending Amy to my friends who are expecting.

Sara M.

Amy saved my breastfeeding relationship with my son and took the time to genuinely listen to my questions and concerns. I had bleeding, cracked nipples and no one could tell me why, except Amy — she had the issue figured out within the first 5 minutes of our meeting. I found that she is very knowledgeable and forthcoming with information, while other LCs I’ve spoke with are not. After our one-on-one in home visit, I felt confident that I could continue breastfeeding and that it could be PAIN FREE. Amy is someone who truly cares about what happens to her clients after she leaves their home.

Alyssa, S.

I cannot say enough good about my experience with Amy. She was so calming, kind and professional. I was determined to have a specific kind of birth, but I was extremely nervous. Amy was absolutely key to my success. I honestly don't think I could have had the birth I did without her. She calmed me and helped me be centered throughout the entire process. She answered my many, many questions, walked me through all of my choices, was prepared with several options for achieving my dream and offered me more support than I ever expected (but was SO grateful to have!). I didn't have or desire a strict birth plan and she worked beautifully with my go-with-it-as-it-comes mindset. She offered help in writing a birth plan if I wanted it, but was totally respectful of my less structured approach. Even though I'd never met her and just found her through Google, I felt like I had a good friend by my side. When it came time for the birth, she was a joy to have with me (and was excellent at working with my husband, too).

Towards the end of my delivery, when the baby got stuck, she was invaluable at helping me get through my toughest time. I don't know what I'd have done without her. She was completely amazing and I wish every mama got the chance to have her as their doula. She's a blessing!

Anna D.

I didn't think I needed a doula for my second child, but I hired Amy anyway and I am SO GLAD I did. My first birth was unmedicated and at a birth center, and this time I wanted something different.
I decided to have #2 in a hospital and to likely get an epidural. I knew how much I loved having a doula the first time, but justifying the expense of a doula knowing that the hospital and epidural would cost more than #1 was challenging. In my mind, I was asking "what on earth would a doula do that my husband and the nurse couldn't do." Well let me tell you some of the countless things that Amy did for us.
1- I had extreme anxiety during my pregnancy regarding delivery and Amy gave me multiple tools to manage it and helped me calm down when I was freaking out. THIS WAS HUGE! Even if she hadn't been there for the birth, this alone would have been worth it!
2- She helped me hone my birth bag items to things I would legitimately use, which is super helpful when you haven't been a hospital pt before (I'm even a Nurse, but I was clueless in this area).
3- She gave me suggestions on how to relax and work with my body during early labor, and she arrived as soon as I needed her to be here with us.
4- When I was admitted to the hospital, she gave me suggestions regarding positions and things I could do to encourage labor to progress while staying present, like walking, dancing, sitting on toilet backwards, and so many more. I thought he nurses would do this, but not all do. These are all things I thought I could do myself, but in the moment, my mind seemed blank and it was helpful to have such a calm "guide".
5- She helped me decide when and if I wanted medication for pain. She made sure I was informed of my options and the risks associated with them, and advocated for me once I made my decision. I felt NO JUDGEMENT about this decision to get an epidural, which took a big load off my shoulders.
6- During the tense moments when the Nurses ran into the room telling me to turn over because baby was having decels, she helped me use breathing and meditation to stay present and positive.
7- When my baby was stuck on my hip and the epidural wasn't touching the pain, she helped work with my body by breathing while she rocked my hips back and forth....I swear that this rocking was what encouraged my baby to dislodge from my pelvis because not long after she started the rocking did I feel the strongest urge to push. This is something I never would have thought to ask my husband to do, and the nurses were not about to do it, either. Baby ended up being 10lb10oz and I was stuck at 10cm with no urge to push for a long time, all the while baby was having periodic decels. I don’t think it is out of the realm of possibility that I would have needed a c/s if baby hadn’t moved off my pelvis.
8- When the NICU nurses were telling me that they had to take my baby to the NICU because he wasn't keeping his oxygen levels up high enough, she gave me the courage to ask for him to be placed on my chest. After going on my chest, his SPO2 instantly bumped up 7 points to a perfect level and stayed there. He never had to leave me.
9- She took stellar pictures of my husband and I with the baby. We treasure these photos.
10- She gave me some awesome nursing pointers for our first latch. I'm still nursing my two year old, but apparently I had forgotten that newborns don't latch themselves quite like a big kid. I was surprised how little nursing assistance I received in the hospital, so I really appreciated her tips.
Ultimately, Baby #2 gave me a birth experience that made me feel powerful and proud, and I know that Amy is a big part of why. It has even helped heal some of the emotional scars left from #1. If you think you are planning on a hospital birth or planning on getting an epidural, I would highly recommend having a doula by your side. It was a fantastic investment.

Emelia, L

I can't thank Amy enough for her guidance, support, encouragement and just being an easy person to connect with!
This was going to be my second baby so I contemplated do I really need a doula?
My husband was a great support system but encouraged me to at least meet with one. I stumbled across Amy's profile and felt like I needed to meet her. Within minutes we knew she was exactly what our family needed. She makes you feel so comfortable. You can tell she has a huge heart and was very knowledgable. I couldn't believe how many little things I'd forgotten since my last birth. Amy gave me tips, encouragement, and the resources I needed to have my baby natural, which was exactly what I wanted. She never made me feel weird asking all of those crazy questions that come up during your pregnancy and labor.
Amy is wonderful at what she does and we are grateful to have had her be apart of our birth story.

Erin, S

We were so glad to have Amy help us during our first baby's birth! Her calmness and knowledge encouraged us to have the birth experience we were looking forward to. She was attentive and available to any questions before and after the birth, as well. And her hip squeezes were awesome! We would recommend Amy as a doula!

Jocelyn, R

When I found out I was pregnant last year, I knew had I so much to learn to prepare for giving birth. I found Amy and signed up for birthing classes and to have her as my doula. My pain tolerance is very low and I was so scared, but, through Amy's coaching and education, I learned that there were ways to work through that pain. She really helped boost my confidence in myself to give birth. The information she taught us in the classes was insightful and took the mystery out of child birth. We had a better understanding of how my body was going to work through this process and what our options were and how they could possibly affect my daughter and me. Amy taught about the natural process of birth and medical intervention options and allowed us to develop the birth plan we felt was right for our family. There was never any judgement, only education. I really appreciated her approach since we live in such a judgemental world. Becoming a parent is an adventure and I'm so glad we chose to have Amy by our side as we began that process. Her coaching, kindness, caring and service before and during the birth of our daughter was invaluable.

Melanie, M.

I had Amy encapsulate my placenta in the fall of 2015. My husband insisted. I had postpartum depression after having our first baby, so we wanted to do our best to help my mind and body prepare AND heal from having our baby. We decided to purchase the tincture, salve and cord keepsake package. My birth went great, I had a small tear so I used the salve and it was like magic! I have a long history of healing slowly, in fact, I had a complete episiotomy with my first birth and dealt with scar tissue pain for two years until after our second child was born.
In January 2016 I had surgery to remove the overabundance of scar tissue I had accumulated in my perineum two years prior. I didn't touch any of the creams they prescribed, instead I used the placenta salve. My Doctor was shocked by how quickly and properly I was healing, with zero complications. With my painful scar tissue history, we were all amazed.
Would it be cheesy to say harvesting my placenta was one of the best things I have ever done? Maybe... But if it's true, why not shout it from the cyber rooftops?

Tab, M

When my daughter was born Amy was the one who picked up my placenta. She was excited to show me all the parts of the placenta. I could tell she was passionate about what she does. The encapsulation process was fast and I loved all my products. My placenta print and cord heart were absolutely adorable. Then a few months later when my daughter was struggling to gain weight and her doctor mentioned "failure to thrive", Amy was there again to support us both. I was an emotional wreck and she loved me through it. Which I needed so much at that time. She was gentle and caring. She provided me with the skills and tools I needed to help my baby and my supply. We still have work to do but my baby is now on track. I cannot recommend Amy enough. She saved my breastfeeding relationship and I am forever grateful.

Nikki P.

Everyone kept saying how brave I was to have a placenta smoothie after my homebirth, but I'm telling you- it was delicious!
After 20 hours of labor and zero food within that time... Hunger hit me like a ton of bricks when Sam was finally Earthside. My Doula called Amy, the amazing placenta magician, as soon as my baby came out and placenta was about to be delivered. Amy was at my house in what felt like minutes with a blender, fruits, yogurt, veggies and got to work making my smoothie. She took just a thumbnail sized piece of placenta and added it to the delicious recipe that we agreed upon before my delivery. Amy is super communicative and wanted to make sure I was going to like how the smoothie turned out.
I slurped that puppy down- believe me! It was the perfect post delivery boost. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Amy also did a fantastic job encapsulating my placenta. My pills were at my house within 24 hours with instructions and even the sweetest little umbilical cord keepsake! It made this new mama tear up.

Jessica, L

Amy was amazing! My labor was very quick and she still made it just in time. I had the smoothie and it was delicious, I definitely recommend it! The encapsulation pills helped with mood swings and all those emotions. I would recommend Amy to any new expecting momma.

Mallory, D