Jade Park

Mama, Registered Nurse, Certified Postpartum Doula (DONA), Certified Dancing for Birth Instructor, Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, Babywearing Instructor

About Me

I adore my husband and three kids. We live in East Tulsa. We love beautiful days outside. We visit the zoo, play disc golf, hunt for painted rocks, and geocache as a family; my six-year-old thinks it's the most exciting thing! We go to the drive-in. We love to eat locally! Some of our favorite restaurants are Burn Co., Pie Hole Pizza, Elote, Killkenny's, Not Your Grandma's Cupcakes, and Bill's Jumbo Burgers. My passion is building family relationships. I love finding ways to enhance family togetherness. In my family that means babywearing, trips to the zoo and parks, festivals, church, and Waffle House breakfasts. In your family it may look like me sweeping the floor while you nap, teaching you the safety checks of babywearing and co-sleeping, helping you massage your baby, or just listening to you because you need to feel heard and reassured that you are on the right track for your family. I love my job of supporting new families and would be honored to support yours!

My Why

I support new families because I've seen the difference it makes. Adding a new person to your family is precious, but it is also incredibly difficult. We know that pregnancy and birth are hard, but many new moms think things calm down after that. The first three months of your baby's life are very challenging. When a family has adequate support, they are able to enjoy this special time and grow closer, stronger. Families without adequate support often succumb to postpartum depression or anxiety. It is not easy for new parents to communicate well, or to express their needs. Having a professional by your side who understands your unspoken necessities and can objectively guide you through this emotional time can avoid or relieve some of the symptoms of postpartum mood disorders. You are becoming parents, a healthy family bond is the best way to start.

What Makes Me Unique

I am the longest practicing postpartum doula in Tulsa. I am the only postpartum doula in Tulsa who is also a Registered Nurse. I am certified by DONA, the most respected doula organization in the world. I am a baby wearing instructor with Baby Wearing Around Tulsa, one of the largest baby wearing communities in America.


I am a Child Passenger Safety Technician. I am a Registered Nurse. I am a Certified Dancing For Birth Instructor. I am child and adult CPR certified. I am certified as a postpartum doula and am the Oklahoma State Representative for DONA, Int.


I have worked with many different families. I have experience with multiples, high medical needs/NICU babies, siblings, postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, first-time parents, single parents, as well as breastfeeding and bottle feeding infants.

What Working With Me Looks Like

I love working with clients prenatally! Getting a chance to meet your family and see your home before your baby arrives can ensure things run very smoothly during my first shift! You won't need to tell me where things are, and big brothers and sisters get a chance to meet me before the big change happens. I will go over a checklist of items that you will want to have on hand for your first week, so that you can be fully prepared for a beautiful baby moon!
Once you have your baby I will come for a quick, complementary visit to make sure you are settling well. I'm available by phone and email for any questions that come up. And you can let me know when you are ready for my first visit. Visits are usually around 4 hours long, but I am very flexible and can work what ever schedule is best for you. I will help you relax by doing whatever it is that needs done: tidying your space, bringing you items you need, taking care of diaper changes, settling your fussy baby, performing baby care while you nap, preparing meals for your family, washing your dishes and clothes, and entertaining older siblings. When you are ready, I can assist you with feeding, baby hygiene, baby wearing and settling, car seat safety, and getting into a new routine for errands. I also try to spend some time with the other adults who are helping you care for your baby, so that they can give you a break when I'm not there. I teach them soothing techniques and how to understand your baby's different cries, so they can comfort the baby on their own.
Dancing for Birth
I really enjoy teaching this class! It's a great time to relax, bond with your baby, and sneak in some exercise. No dance or exercise experience is needed, the moves are gentle and easy. We go at your own pace and have a great time! You will learn how to make your labor shorter and easier, as well as tips to ease pregnancy pains. I promise you will leave refreshed and encouraged!
Car Seat Safety
I am happy to check your installed child seat, show you how to install your child seat and buckle your child in, and answer any questions you have about buying and using a child seat. This service is complementary to any other service I offer. I also volunteer at Safe Kids Tulsa car seat checks, you can find the schedule on their website!
Baby Wearing
I am an instructor with Baby Wearing Around Tulsa, you can find me volunteering at almost every meeting. I can teach you and your family how to safely wear your baby in the carrier of your choice. If you have any special needs or considerations, I can address those as well. Baby wearing is excellent for your baby's development and for bonding with caregivers. I highly recommend learning this skill.
Available for daytime shifts (8am-8pm) $30 p/hr. Discounts based on verified need can be discussed during our interview.


Jade was amazing! She is the true example of a postpartum doula. Her calm demeanor made me feel at ease and we got to know each other right away. Her presence made me feel confident as a brand new mom and that I was doing a good job. I did not even ask her to do anything, she listed off things and asked if she could do them to help me.
She watched me care for my baby and guided me with things that might make it easier, taught me to baby wear and even watched my newborn so I could shower. Her knowledge, experience and the education she provided me were incredible. Next baby, I plan to use her as postpartum doula even more. It helped me know I was not crazy with my emotions and I was normal. We talked a lot about a new normal and how it can take 6 months or more. I would highly recommend Jade! Every mother needs a postpartum doula not just for physical help, but mental and emotional help!

Jennifer, S

With my first child, I had a very diffictult post-partum experience. When I became pregnant again, my doctor recommended I research post-partum doulas since we have no family who lives nearby. My husband and I interviewed four potential doulas and Jade stood out as a top candidate for both of us. We hired her before our son was born and expected to begin working with her right after he arrived. Unfortunately he had to spend his first five weeks in the NICU. Jade touched base often and encouraged us through that difficult time; she has been an integral part of our "new normal" since bringing our son home.
Jade is the definition of professional. She arrives on time or a few minutes early every time we need her. She handles sensitive/confidential information in a highly competent manner and I consider her to be and integral part of the team of professionals caring for my son's health needs. I feel confident to take a nap, take a shower, run errands or complete other tasks while Jade manages the care of my son and completes household tasks. After a visit from her, I find myself more relaxed and able to enjoy some quality time with my family because I am rested and less overwhelmed at the chores to be completed.
I feel empowered in the important work I am doing as a mother after visiting with Jade. She takes a vested interest in the needs of my family and has a very broad skillset from which to offer advice. Since she is a mother herself, it is comforting to discuss the trials and tribulations of parenthood with her, and I enjoy sharing "mommy wins" with her too! Jade is passionate about her work and has a servant's heart.
Raising a family is difficult and rewarding work. Because of the assistance and support Jade has provided, I find myself able to enjoy my family more. I can confidently giver her my highest recommendation!

Tracey, G

This has been my first time using a postpartum doula, and I would definitely recommend it! Jade Park has been a huge help, she was over just the other day and I got to take a shower and a nap while she watched my nb, 1, 3 and 4 year olds. She also did my dishes, and laundry, and cleaned my kitchen! It was so relaxing to not have to worry about any of it while I rested.

Courtney, C

It was baby four and my husband works 10 hr shifts so Jade really helped keep everyone happy and having fun and I didn't have to worry but could focus on bonding and meeting new baby's needs. And I didn't feel like I was neglecting the others it was as if we had a happy fun friend for a few hours in the evening to wind the house down. So worth it!

Somer, T