Frequently Asked Questions
Are Mind Body Mama Doulas trained and certified?
Yes! And we are each excited that you are considering hiring one of us for your doula needs! All Mind Body Mama Doulas have been DONA trained and are either certified or actively working towards their certification. The doulas who are working towards their certification are also being mentored by the owner of Mind Body Mama to insure that they are getting the best training possible to offer their clients exceptional care.
How do I reserve my due date with my doula?
We ask for a $150 deposit to reserve your "due date" in our calendars as we are careful in our scheduling of clients. The remainder of the fee is due by 36 weeks. For other payment options, please contact us at
What if I have more questions before deciding on a doula?
We would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have! You can contact the owner at
What types of births do Mind Body Mama doulas attend?
Each of us support women at hospital births/homebirths/birth center births, being cared for by doctors or midwives. We are each comfortable being the only support person or functioning within a labor support team that that may include the laboring woman's partner, family member, and/or friends.
Is a doula going to take the place of my partner or other family member?
Nothing can replace the care and attention of your loved ones. The process of birth can be difficult for those who love you the most. We work very hard to make sure that we are providing support to your partner and family members and helping them find the role that they feel most comfortable filling during the entire process. We are there for them too!
When is the best time to hire a doula?
We feel like the earlier the better is a good rule of thumb when hiring a doula, but most women start looking for a doula early in their second trimester and have the decision solidified by the beginning of their third trimester.
Do Mind Body Mama Postpartum Doulas do overnights?
Yes! We are happy to meet any specialized needs of our clients. And, the best part about overnights is that we don't sleep when the baby sleeps, like you will, we are busy doing quiet housework so you wake up refreshed and ahead of the day!
How is a Postpartum Doula different than a nanny or a baby nurse?
Baby nurses are medically trained and bring that expertise to childcare. Doulas are non-medical professionals who are trained to support new families. Nannies take over childcare responsibilities from the parents, while doulas will work to empower you to be the best parent you can be!
When is the best time to hire a Postpartum Doula?
During the second trimester! That allows you time to meet and get comfortable with your doula.
If I've already had my baby, is it too late to hire a Postpartum Doula?
Not at all! A postpartum doula can be hired any time from birth to one year in your baby's life! Don't hesitate to get a postpartum doula any time you feel you need some extra attention and help.