Connect with your body and your baby through Movement.

Dancing for Birth

With each class, you’ll learn techniques that support a safer, easier birth, and you’ll increase your confidence for empowered, enjoyable birth and mothering.

The “trifecta” of birth preparation: feel-good prenatal fitness, essential birth wisdom, and celebration of pregnancy, birth, and mothering, all rolled into a casual, fun and informative class.

Learn moves like “Dilation Gyration” and use them during labor to make birth shorter, easier and safer.

No dancing experience or coordination required!

Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

Childbirth is perhaps the most physical, mental & spiritual experience of a woman’s life. We want you to be ready in body, mind & spirit for the experience of birth and the lifelong journey that follows.

Intentional Movement Experience

A meditative movement practice that combines inward reflection with outward expression.

IME is based on the belief that Movement and dance help us connect deeply to our inner selves, and fully recognize our feelings and desires while assisting us in understanding others.

This connection brings therapeutic restoration to our mind, spirit, and body.

No movement experience or coordination required!

Dancing for birth 

Each class starts with relaxation and inspiration. We begin the movement segment of class with a short inversion to balance uterine ligaments and some warm up stretches. Then we learn the week's dances and spend some time in interpretive dance. Each week we perform the Baby Welcoming Dance together. We then practice some comforting stretches as a cool down. Each class has a short instruction time in which we focus on information about the role of dancing in birth. We close with abdominal and pelvic floor exercises, a centering yoga pose, and strong birth affirmations.

You will learn:

Beginning belly dance and the role of instincts in birth

African dance and the Larson Technique for positioning babies

More belly dance and the importance of sensation and freedom of movement 

Latin dance and physiological and psychological reasons to dance in labor

Caribbean dance and the top 5 moves for labor

Partner dance (bring your birth partner and/or doula) and dance moves for specific results. 

Group & Private Sessions Available


Jade Park is your Certified DFB Instructor



professional prenatal

nutrition & fitness coaching 

Jaclyn is a Crossfit-L1 Trained Coach and BIRTHFIT Coach Certificate holder who uses her expertise to specialize in nutritional and fitness training for expecting and postpartum moms.  
Jaclyn's goal is to educate and empower each client to not only prepare physically for birth, but to prepare their body, mind and spirit as well. 
Cost is subject to 3, 6, and 12 month programming along with location availability. 10% Discount offered for Packaging with Birth Doula Services.

Jaclyn Smith is your Professional Nutrition & Fitness Coach 


intentional movement experience


Amber offers group classes and private sessions, each experience is unique to its environment.

All classes begin with listening and a time of free writing about the class theme. After writing we transition into four guided meditations, one seated, one lying down, and two standing. These meditations incorporate movement directly influenced by imagery to clear the mind, connect to breath, heart beat, and personal rhythm. Once inner calm has been established we explore arising feeling through the use of voice, brief movement phrases and finally free movement.

Group classes include interaction amongst participants that involves discussion, affirmation, and limited contact.

Private sessions are made to fit the needs of the individual with meditations and movement created specifically for that session.

Intentional Movement for expectant mamas will focus on addressing and calming current and past stresses, and establishing an intuitive connection to mama and baby. 

Amber Deen is your IME Facilitator